Home Health

Patient Reflection

In her home...where she belongs

“I just keep asking myself how come I was so lucky.” Elaine Perry, Waucoma, questions regarding the nursing service that frequents her home.

For more than six years, Palmer Home Health has visited Elaine in her home and did something that neither she nor her family thought was possible…kept her there.

“I have always had uncontrollable high blood pressure,” Elaine explains. “But, between Home Health and Dr. Bohner, we have gotten it taken care of.”

Palmer Home Health registered nurse Tami Keune continues, “Elaine used to have frequent visits to the Urgent Care Clinic and the emergency room due to high blood pressure, but changing her medications has dramatically declined those visits. Of course, Elaine is the ideal home health patient and should be given credit as well. She is awesome with direction and follow-through with anything that is asked of her.”

Palmer’s Home Health nurse visits Elaine’s home every two weeks to monitor her vitals, answer questions and fill her medication files.

“I shake so bad that I was having difficulty with my medication, getting it out of the bottle and into the correct slot in my pill box was really difficult. But, Tami just took the initiative and started organizing them out for me…without me even asking. It is things like that which makes Home Health so amazing.”

In addition to regular visits, Elaine also has a telemonitor in her home. A telemonitor device measures heart rate, blood pressure, and weight, and provides customizable disease-related questions for a more complete picture of an individual’s health. The device is set up by Home Health and automatically prompts the patient with a friendly voice and easy-to-use interface guide the patient at every step.

“Even if I don’t remember, the machine will remind me that my weight and blood pressure need to be taken.”

If Elaine’s blood pressure is too high or if anything else is out of the ordinary on the telemonitor, Palmer Home Health will call immediately and check with Elaine to determine if a visit is needed.

“Actually, even if I just call into the office not feeling well, Tami will go out of her way and swing by,” Elaine smiles at her nurse. “I can’t say enough about home health and how much they care about me. I used to sleep 18 hours a day before Dr. Bohner and home health got involved. Now, I may take one nap a day. It is just amazing to have a life. Trust me, I know where I would be if home health didn’t come to me…and home isn’t the place…”

The 84 year old retired Turkey Valley bus driver and beautician feels the best she has in years, and her six children and more than a dozen grandchildren notice a change as well.

“My children had been asking me to come live with them and doctor where they are. But, not anymore! They love Dr. Bohner and Palmer Home Health. They trust that I am well taken care of.”

Palmer Home Health also provides a home aide in the Perry home. Coming twice a week, the aide helps Elaine shower and wash her hair. In addition, the aide does light housekeeping, such as dishes and vacuuming, that Elaine truly appreciates.

“I never thought I would get old,” Elaine laughs. “You know I’m one of the oldest people born in Waucoma that still lives in Waucoma! I intend to be here for a while. And, thanks to home health, I’m sure I will.”

Keune finishes, “Elaine is so appreciative and just an all-around fun person to be with. She is the perfect example of how home health works and how it keeps people in their home…where they belong.”