Patient Reflections

Patient Reflections

Close to Community

Having friends and family around her has always been a priority for Betty Scott, West Union. And, recovering from a surgery at Palmer Lutheran Health Center has made that possible. Involved in numerous community committees, friend outings, and the lives of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Betty enjoys a busy home and life.

“When I had my first few surgeries in Decorah, it was fine,” Betty recalls. “But, to have Bob [Betty’s husband], friends and family visit me was hard as it is a little bit of drive back and forth every day.”

In the past few years, Betty has undergone knee and hip surgeries and recovered out of town. After the surgeries, Betty did enlist the help of Palmer Home Health to help with recovery at home. Palmer nurses would come to Betty’s home to check vitals; aides would come to assist with personal cares; and physical therapy would work on exercises and walking. In fact, it was on Betty’s last day with Palmer Home Health services that a sudden pain overwhelmed her. After examination, it was determined Betty had a broken femur and another surgery was required.  This time, however, Betty wanted to be closer to friends and family and decided to recover at Palmer Lutheran Health Center with skilled care.

“It was SO NICE being here,” Betty smiles. “Being from West Union, there isn’t a nurse or another staff member I didn’t know! My family and friends were able to visit daily and I was even able to get communion regularly from my own priest.”

Recovering with physical therapy and occupational therapy doing exercises and walking, Betty enjoyed getting up and leaving her room.

“I would leave my room and it was like a hotel,” she laughs. “I would get back and my bed would always be remade and my room tidied up! I did have one complaint though….no mint on my pillow when I returned!”

Praising the nurses for responding to call lights right away; environmental services for keeping such a clean hospital; and the entire staff for making her feel right at home with their friendly attitude, Betty could not say enough about one department in particular…Dietary!

“The food is excellent!! I couldn’t believe the food they served here…so good and you know it is homemade. Most importantly, it was always HOT when it was delivered to my room. The selection was incredible and I had so many choices. The entrée of the day was one of my favorite things- it was a surprise and you never knew what would be offered that day, but it was always yummy.”

While the food, staff and environment was excellent, Betty still had one thing that was better…her husband.

“Bob is my angel. Whether at home or at the hospital, he takes such good care of me. I don’t know how I would have made it through all of this without him. “

And, while the ‘entrée of the day’ may have been a surprise for Betty, there is one thing that isn’t… “If our family needs skilled care again, we know where we will go, Palmer Lutheran.”