Speech Therapy

Speech/Language Pathologists work with patients of all ages; they evaluate and treat speech, language, and swallowing disorders focusing on individuals with developmental delays, strokes, and brain damage. Please call 563-422-9729 for further information about services available.

Speech Therapy

Millions of infants, children, & adults in America suffer from a communication or swallowing disorder. Whether it’s a difficulty in swallowing or a disorder such as stuttering, delayed language, or a voice problem, a person’s ability to learn & interact with others can be affected.

Speech Therapists assist people, from infants to elderly, who may have difficulties with the following: voice, oral-motor coordination, speech, language, reasoning, swallowing, reading, and cognition.

Diagnosis or conditions that can benefit from speech therapy:

  • Stroke - cognitive-communicative impairments (i.e. attention, memory, abstract reasoning, or problem-solving deficits), swallowing, oral-motor coordination.
  • Head or neck injury/cancer – difficulties swallowing, voice quality problems
  • Parkinson’s disease – speech articulation & fluency difficulty such as dysarthria & difficulty swallowing.
  • ALS – difficulties swallowing & expressing themselves
  • Multiple Sclerosis – difficulties swallowing & expressing themselves
  • Autism – social interaction & communication
  • Developmental Delays – articulation, feeding, communication, & following directions