SurgeryThe surgical services department performs inpatient and outpatient surgeries. Surgical specialties include: general (obstetrics and gynecology included), orthopedics, otalaryngology, podiatry and ophthalmology. Almost 90% of our surgeries are "same-day surgery," meaning the patient enters the hospital in the morning, has the procedure and returns home by the end of the day. A full scope of services is offered including traditional surgery, endoscopies and minimally invasive procedures utilizing fiberoptics and small incisions to promote a more comfortable and rapid recovery. Pre-op teaching is individualized so all aspects and concerns of a scheduled procedure can be discussed on personal basis. Post anesthesia care is administered by registered nurses on a one-to-one ratio. Aggressive pain management techniques are employed to assure a safe and comfortable recovery from anesthesia and surgery. For further information please call 563-422-3876, ext. 1738.